Should Parents Take Away Cell Phones

Nowadays every people have their own smartphones that used for various purposes of needs. Most youngsters will use mobile phones. The availability of the smartphone is increased day by day. People used for good as well as bad purposes. A person to spend their whole time with the phone. The phone has affected the education of the youngster, especially teenagers addicted to cell phones. So the parents controlled their children from the usage of mobile phones.

The maximum usage of a phone is one of the ways to do other bad activities. The research will say millions of people can buy the mobile phone per day around the world.

How To Take Away The Phones?

In the olden days, mobile phones are used for only communication purposes. Now we are used that for various purposes. Teenagers will text their friends or other people at dinner and bedtime. That is not good for those people.

In that time the parents take away cell phones from children. The medical department says if you using the mobile phone at night that will affect your eyes because the phone light is very powerful. So you avoid using the phone during the night. It affects the thinking process.

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How To Avoid The Usage Of Phones?

The parents set time limits to using the phone. Parents can note the list of phone behavior. You will give the gift for good behavior and give the punishment for bad ones. You take some extra care of your children. You can interact with your children on a free period that will change their mood. Parents can avoid using the phone in front of their children.

The parents are good teachers for children so you have to teach your children what is good and what is bad. After a certain period, you will do not permit to use the phone. Parents monitor your children’s entire activities.

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Most of the school student has to use mobile phones. The parent should not allow using those kinds of people. Because that will affect education. Parents to gives the cell phone to their children after completion of the school.

So parents take the phone away from a teenager. Students can involve themselves in some activities that will help to forget the thinking about cell phones such as gardening, reading, playing and other activities. So parents should follow the above method definitely reduce the usage of mobile phones to your children.

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